Partial Nerdity

Come for the Nudity, then immediately leave when you realise its spelt “Nerdity”

April 30th, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 174: Squee as long as He wants

Spoilers everywhere. Cale, Tim, Scott and myslef talk ALOT about Avengers: Infinity War.


April 16th, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 173: Emergency Twitch Crap

Due to reasons, I was unable to record but luckily we had some back up from some behind the scenes.


April 2nd, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 172: Thtarfocth

Cale returns to us as we losen our minds


March 19th, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 171: Being Fisted by Thanos

Tim, Scott and myself discuss all the finer points of the Infinity War trailer.


March 5th, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 170: Put it in my Arse

Scott, Tim and myself discuss loads of random crap... again.


February 19th, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 169: I just heard myself say Tosser

Cale, Tim and Scott join in for trailer opinions and breakdowns. Enjoy.


February 6th, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 168: We Can Hear Every Last Rub

Tim, Scott and myslef discuss the winners and losers of the Partial Nerdity Villian World Cup.


January 22nd, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 167: Smells Like Discipline

Scott, Tim and myself return for our Villian World Cup. Oh, and Cales here aswell.


January 8th, 2018    

Partial Nerdity ep 166: Poked by a Demogorgon

Scott, Tim and myself return for more random shit.


December 26th, 2017    

Partial Nerdity ep 165:Ow, Don’t Put it There Scott

I am joined by Tim and Scott for a bumper episode full of crap. Enjoy, if you want to.


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